All Blue Stunt RC Car that Spins and Flips

All Blue Stunt RC Car that Spins and Flips

I listed this all blue stunt RC car that spins and flips as part of my "best for four year olds" series but I want to expand on the features.

This one is two-sided which means that no matter how you lay it down it will work. The controls can be a little complex, though, for a really young child as you have to push two buttons at once to move in any direction.

That might frustrate some children so you'll have to think carefully about whether this is a great fit but what makes it one you should consider is that it is built to last, can take lots of bumps and drops and will still be fun a year or two down the road.

It has LED lights, can be used for off-roading style play and if it hits the wall it just flips over and keeps going.

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