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1953 Red Cadillac Series 62

Collectors will love this 1953 Red Cadillac Series 62 diecast vehicle because it is true to the real thing. It has moving parts like doors and the trunk and the detail is amazing.

Plymouth 1970 Orange Diecast Vehicle

The Plymouth 1970 Orange Diecast Vehicle is an amazing replica of the original car. The bright orange color is engaging and exciting. I know children will have a blast playing with a car from the past, maybe what their parents even remember.

Ferrari Diecast Race Car

This Ferrari Diecast race car comes in brilliant red color and with realistic features inside and out. This is a 1.18 scale diecast race car that can be collected or played with.

Chevrolet Nova SS Diecast Vehicle

This Chevrolet Nova SS diecast vehicle is a blast from the past with its unique likeness to the real thing. The tan color and 1.24 scale make it a sought after car.
I think collectors will love having a car from 1970 when it was a popular car for people to have.

Where American Muscle Toy Cars Originated From

red mustang

Where did the American muscle toy cars originated from? A muscle car is an American name for a high-performance coupe car. They come with a powerful V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. General Motors first introduced a muscle car in 1949,…