The Most Sought After Diecast Cars

In most cases, toy cars are meant for children. However, it is surprising how many adults want to know what are the most sought after diecast cars. They seek those authentic collectible cars. Classic toy car manufacturers have made regular toys and invested in diecast model cars. For instance, Hot Wheels cars have been spot on for making what has become the most sought after collectible cars.

Below, you will find a list of the 7 most sought after diecast model cars in the world. Some of these classic model cars were made in the exact image of the original vehicles. These include:

The 1969 Pink Rear-Loading Beach bomb

This is one of the most valuable diecast cars ever made. They priced it at $175,000 for its unique features. It looks better than the actual Volkswagen beach Bomb minibus. It is made with the original features, such as the two removable surfboards hanging from the rear side. The 1969 Pink Rear-Loading Beach Bomb diecast car is one of the hardest to find in the market. There were only two pink rear-loading Beach Bomb manufactured. Both Hot Wheels were never sold to the public. Note that the pink Beach Bomb was initially a prototype that failed the test. Hot Wheels remodeled the car that became one of the highest-priced diecast cars.

Mighty Mad Maverick

The 1970 Mighty Mad Maverick prototype was named “mad Maverick.” Because to the copyright issues, the name was changed to Mighty Maverick. Hot Wheels made the Mighty maverick in the image of the 1969 Ford Maverick and hence the copyright issues. Only 5 Might Maverick diecast cars were ever made and remained the most sought after cars by collectors.

Hot Wheels Beatnik Bandit

Best known as the Sweet Sixteen, the Hot Wheels Beatnik Bandit debuted in 1968. It is available in 18 colors, with the pink Beatnik Bandit being the most sought after diecast car. This could be because it is scarce to come across. The original Hot Wheels Beatnik Bandit took after Ed Roth’s custom car. Ed Roth’s car can be found in the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada, for the exhibition. Over the years, the Sweet Sixteen diecast car has been remodeled. For instance, in 1993, the Beatnik Bandit was retooled for the 25th Anniversary series.

1968 Enamel White Camaro

The 1968 Enamel White Camaro was a prototype for the designers at Chevrolet to use as a muse. To cover up for any imperfections on the car, the designers used the Enamel White or Black coat. This rare model car is valued at over $2,500 and is very rare to find. Only a few pieces were mistakenly released to retailers. According to Hot Wheels, this is the third most sought after diecast cars.

Tomica Nissan Fairlady Z432 Platinum

This is one of the most luxurious diecast cars ever made by Tomica. The Nissan Fairlady Z432 car was released in 1970 and stands at the price of $80,000. However, this diecast is not for sale unless the owners decide to sell it. To celebrate the 40th birthday, jeweler Ginza Tanaka chose the Fairlady Z432 and designed it from platinum metal. This rare toy was showcased for an entire month at the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show in March 2010.

Blue Rodger Dodger

This Hot Wheels was made in the image of 1973 Dodge Charger SE. Made in 1974, the Blue Rodger Dodger toy car was produced in limited numbers. While you will find other Rodger Dodger colors, the blue one is quite rare. Only 7 Blue Rodger Dodger are known to have been made. The orange and yellow flames add to its aesthetic value. If you are lucky to find one, it will cost you above $3000.

40th Hot Wheel Car Anniversary

If there is a unique diecast collection, it is the 40th anniversary Hot Wheels series. Hot Wheels produced a series of 20 cars and packaged in a single case. They also produced a series of 9 cars in 2-sets in 2008. These cars were made regarding the diecast cars giant’s 40th anniversary. Priced at $140,000, the 40th Anniversary Hot Wheels collection is one of a kind. The company wanted to showcase a unique Hot Wheels to mark their 40th birthday. As a result, they made the 2008 diamond-encrusted car. The jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills was tasked to make the Custom Otto as luxurious as possible. He encrusted the car with over 2700 jewels, including diamonds all over the body and engine. Nick Lachey purchases this special edition at $140,000. This is not only one of the most sought after cars but also one of the most expensive Hot Wheels.

Where can I purchase diecast toy cars?

While the most sought after diecast toys come at a price or are not placed for sale, you can still get your collection. Hot Wheels makes affordable diecast cars. They come in sets, but you can always buy a single car to add to your car collection. We have picked three best selling Hot Wheels diecast cars on Amazon just for you.

Hot Wheels Mega Hauler Truck

Hauler for 50 VehiclesDo you already have your collection? This Mega Hauler is an excellent space for parking your diecast collectibles. It has expandable layers providing extra space for more cars. Have fun loading and playing with your diecast collection on this mega hauler selling at $14.99 only. Link to the product

12-Pack Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

Recreate the scenes from Monster Truck show with this Hot Wheels set of 12 trucks. Each one of these trucks comes with a Ultimate Chaos 12 Pack Toy Vehiclesname and exciting colors. You can recreate the monster truck film in your house using this pack of 12 trucks from Hot Wheels. Link to the product

Hot Wheels Marvel Avengers Assemble Avengers 5-Pack

This is excellent news for Avenger fans. Hot Wheels allows you to recreate the great battles from Avengers movies with this 5 pack. Just as with the Avengers, these diecast cars come with characters and exciting colors. The superhero-inspired 5-pack sells at a great price! Link to the product


5-pack Avengers Diecast Cars